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Science Lab

“Well equipped laboratories enable ‘Learning by Doing’ which helps to faster scientific among students. “

The real understanding of science subjectscan not be acquired without doing practical’s in laboratories. The school has separate laboratoriesfor physics, chemistry, biology and computer subjects. The physics Lab aids a student in establishing the relevance of the theory. The chemistry laboratory provides a platform for students to nurture the inherent scientist within them. All chemistry experiment are conducted in the most hygienic and safe manner. In Biology, the laboratory apparatus range from simple slides to expensive microscopes. All kinds of necessary apparatus and chemicals are started in the laboratories for doing practical’s by the students.

Computer learning has become an essential need for present generation students. We have separate computer laboratories in both the blocks secondaryas well as in primary wing . As many as 50 high tech computers are assessable to students for practising and developing their computer skill.


‘What is more important in a library than anything else –than everything else is the fact that it exist’

Archibald Macleish

And Library also does exist in our school. A good spacious hall full of books ranked properly in all around almirahs. Books of all subjects of all class levels reference books , Encyclopedias, Dictionaries thesaurus, magazines, periodicals, and what not. The reading room is inside the library to facilitate our students to pick up books instantly of their choice and do reading there. All students are given library period and they avail it for enhancing their academics or solving the problems at hand. Some get busy in completing their home assignments and projects consulting the relevant book from the library. We have good stock of about8000 books and books are issued to students for home for a scheduled period. Many periodicals magazines, newspapers are also made available for providing latest up-date to the students.

Bus Facility

‘Travel inthe younger sort, is a part of education, in the elder, a part of experience’


And our students travel each day to school to acquire education. Not only education but also get practical experience from school activities. Ebenezer provides excellent transport facilities to our needy students. The school has a fleet of buses of various sitting capacity that ply through every part of the town and superb areas for taking students to school and sending them back to their home . Competent drivers and vigilant assistants, both lady and gents, conduct these buses. It is ensuredthat travelling students are taken to school and dropped back home safely. Our teaching staff and Principal Madam takes care that all students, small kids as well as sensor ones are seated properly in their respective buses.

We ensure safety and responsibility, the children as our senior higher priority. We have installed GPS system, to track our buses and CCTV’s in all our buses to monitor the discipline and well being of the children. The buses are equipped with speedgovernors and we follow strictly the rules and regulationsprescribed by the R.T.O

Indoor Activities

The truest expression of a people is in its dances and its music’

Agnes de Mille

Dance, music, skating, Table tennis, carom, chess , art and craft our, student pursue as indoor activity in their activity period. We have trained experienced staff to atone the hidden talents of the students in the various activities. Each student hasto choose any of the two activities according to their interest. Dance and music provide emotional and spiritual solace to students. Skating is equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits and help in leg strength and balance the body. Table Tennis improves eye-hand coordination and this games stimulates mental fitness, concentration, and mental a cuteness. Board games like chess and carom have also their advantages for students. They increase creativity, improve memory, reduce the risk of mental diseases, keep mind engaged and help to raise the I.Q level of the students. Through the different activities the learners get an opportunity to nurture their talent, acquire new skills, and tap their true potential.

Outdoor Activities

Agility of Mind has a direct correlation with the agility of body’

Our school campus has a strong infra structure in place for imparting education as well as to facilitate sports and extra-curricular activities. As quoted above, the school is well aware of the proverb. “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.” So sports and activities are also given ample importance besides the academics. The main out door games and sports played here are football, basket ball, cricket , kabaddi, dodge ball, Throw ball, Net ball Kho-Kho besides athletics and the horse riding.

Athletics help in improving team work,perseverence,physical endurance, commitment, time management and physical and emotional betterment Basket ball builds bone strength, boosts the immune system, besides muscle training .Cricket improves endurances, stamina, physical fitness and eye co-ordination, develops team spirit. Foot ball increases aerobic capacity and cardio-vascular health, lowers body fat, breeds strength, flexibility and endurance . Basket ball develops chest and upper muscles, provides flexibility. Kabaddi increases stamina, speed, agility multi tasking abilities and presence of mind.

We have separate play grounds and courts surrounding the main building for all these games.

Swimming Pool

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